About us

Borg El Arab Factory for Medical Industries
belongs to two families who sincerely have been endeavoring in production
of the field of medical equipment since 1985,we adopted the concept of  
manufacturing medical furniture and medical equipment instead of importing
them due to our long experience and strategy development in this field and to
.be closer and more flexible in meeting the demands of patients and caregivers  
Our next step was to establish "Borg El Arab Factory for Medical Industries" in  
new city of Borg El Arab in Alexandria, and since then we have pledged to
put the interest of patients and caregivers in front of our eyes in every single
process.  The factory is now handed over from fathers to sons aiming
at further progress, development, quality and providing the best service
.in this field  
Our mission 
is to relieve patients' pain and reduce the stressful times they experience   
during their illness by supporting caregivers to do their duty in the best way 
Our vision
Leading in the field of manufacturing medical furniture on the Arab and
African area by offering products that hold our ideas and .accumulated expertise
with unique design to meet the needs of our customers by providing high level
of professionalism and through advanced production lines